Dr. Quinn, Chiropractor

To all my patients and the Central Coast community,
 After 30 years in practice as an Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator Chiropractor, I have retired. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve my patients and community. 

 Elizabeth Quinn, M.S., D.C.


Experience the Difference 
of Low-Force Activator Chiropractic
Suffering from whiplash or other auto injury?
  • Dealing with chronic headaches, migraines or back aches?
  • Noticing the effects of: carpal tunnel, stiff neck, shoulder pain?
  • Experiencing athletic injuries: weak ankles, sore knees or tennis elbow?
  • Simply feeling the body responses to life conditions: student carrying a heavy backpack, pregnancy putting strain on low back, growing older and wanting to feel healthier and more flexible?
Dr. Elizabeth Quinn is an Advanced Proficiency Rated Activator Chiropractor who has been in practice for over nineteen years in Santa Cruz.
  • Activator is low force and very specific.
  • Activator treatments are gentle and comfortable.
  • Full-body balancing every visit.
  • Focused, thorough care (each patient visit is a half-hour).
  • Excellent results with minimal treatment frequency and duration.
  "I had my first whiplash injury when I was 17, and four more after that. For me, good chiropractic care after these injuries relieved my suffering and prevented the degenerative changes that can result from such traumas. My history has given me special understanding for patients in pain. It has also taught me the value of good chiropractic care to heal and to maintain health and wellness." - Dr. Elizabeth Quinn, Chiropractor, Santa Cruz 

What is Activator?
A comfortable, safe way of chiropractic adjusting developed in the 1960s that has become the most widely used low-force technique in chiropractic.

How are adjustments made?
With a hand-held adjusting instrument that delivers a controlled quick thrust without pain or discomfort to the patient.

What are the advantages?
An Activator doctor makes adjustments very precisely, using an objective system of analysis based on your body's biomechanics and neuromuscular reflexes.

Activator is backed by ongoing scientific research. The method evolves and improves constantly.

Your advanced Proficiency Rated doctor must take annual update training in Activator.

Comprehensive, full-body balancing at every treatment provides your body the best possible opportunity to heal and stabilize.

Activator treatments are appropriate and comfortable for everyone, including elders. children. pregnant women and athletes.

Dr. Elizabeth Quinn is a master Activator Chiropractor--this means she uses a small thumper machine for high accuracy & no discomfort... tired of having your neck cracked? This isn't necessary in the 30-45 min body alignment process Dr. Quinn goes through... even after a great massage (see Body Techniques review), I still had deeper issues going back to breaking my leg when I was 19... Dr. Quinn did a complete internal body balancing & for $75 what a deal! I highly recommend her professional services. Check http://www.activator.com for certified & expert Activator Chiropractors.- Stan G., Scotts Valley

Chiropractic is not something I usually seek out, but I had a crisis and Elizabeth Quinn was recommended by a friend, so I went to her. She dealt with the crisis but also balanced and evened-out my twisted hip and ribs. I've seen her three times as of now, and am delighted and amazed that some issues that have been bothering me for a decade are improving hugely. I will see her until these corrections are stabilized, then get regular occasional maintenance. She is a very nice person, but, even more important, she knows what she is doing and is very effective. This is a great relief and I am very pleased. -Shelley E., Santa Cruz

Dr. Elizabeth Quinn holds B.S. and B.A. degrees in Chemistry, Psychology and Sociology. Her M.S. is in Human Nutrition.

She graduated cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA and is Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator method. 

Dr. Quinn is a former NASA researcher and instructor in Spacecraft Sterilization, and worked on the original Mars lander at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.

Dr Quinn has helped me so much.  My pelvis is distorted because of my work and she gently realigns me with her activator. I would recommend her to anyone who has  pelvic or back problems.  She aligns my entire body each and every time I see her.   I feel great when I leave her office.  Keep up the good work! -Minda L., Santa Cruz

Oh, my! Best Chiropractor ever! -Jennifer C., Santa Cruz

I was so amazed that Dr Quinn could have such success WITHOUT the use of traditional cracking.  I had never heard of activator chiropractors but am now a firm believer.  I would highly recommend her gentle, yet very effective, touch.- Eliane K. Santa Cruz

Dr. Elizabeth Quinn is an exceptional chiropractor. She really listens to her patients, has a gentle technique using an activator, and always combines cranio sacral work for a full body balancing. I feel comfortable and calm in her office, and always well cared for. - Kayla R., Soquel

Dr. Quinn practices a different type of chiropractic work.  This non-forced technique doesn't involve "cracking" or "pulling".  She is knowledgeable and listens to my needs.  I came in for lower back pain and chest tightness and felt immediate relief.   I highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Quinn!!! - Trami C., Santa Cruz

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