Testimonials & Recommendations

Amanda M., formerly of Santa Cruz, said:
"I first saw Elizabeth 15 years ago in preparation for a field quarter backpacking. I saw her for many years after that for maintenance back care, and though I no longer live in Santa Cruz, I always schedule an appointment when I come to town. I haven't yet found a comparable chiropractor in all of Humboldt County, where a now live. Elizabeth is worth every penny you will spend on her. I highly recommend her very specific and customized treatment!"
March, 2010

Jennifer C. of Santa Cruz says:
"Oh my! Best chiropractor ever!"
January, 2012

Lezlie J. of Aromas gives Dr. Quinn 5 Stars:
"I have had the great pleasure of being Dr. Quinns' patient for over 15 years. Through wrists, knees, rib and back injuries, she has kept my body balanced...(with) no thrusting... gentle, gentle, gentle full body balancing every visit! A treasure in my medical tool kit ~"  January 2011

Jennalee D. of Santa Cruz:
"Dr. Quinn has such a fascinating approach for Chiropractic work with using the Activator method. It is not only painless and "crack-less", it is not intimidating and is EXTREMELY relaxing. She targets exactly what problems you have, but also does all over body alignment with the Activator. After the session she always does craniosacural work as well.
I have had a few last minute issue pop up and she is always incredibly flexible and accommodating to get me in so that the problem does not get worse. My husband also had some recent neck/upper back problems, so I called her to see if he could come in. Within an hour I heard back from her and she fit him in later that day.
She is genuine, professional, kind and incredibly talented. If you are looking for a chiropractor that does not do all the twisting and cracking, but rather a more effective approach she is your gal. In addition, due to her technique it does not make it so you keep having to go back over and over and over again, it is amazing!"  March, 2012

Stan G. of Scotts Valley:
"Dr. Elizabeth Quinn is a master Activator Chiropractor--this means she uses a small thumper machine for high accuracy & no discomfort... tired of having your neck cracked? This isn't necessary in the 30-45 min body alignment process Dr. Quinn goes through... even after a great massage (see Body Techniques review), I still had deeper issues going back to breaking my leg when I was 19... Dr. Quinn did a complete internal body balancing & for $75 what a deal! I highly recommend her professional services. Check http://www.activator.com for certified & expert Activator Chiropractors."  September, 2010

Shelley E. of Santa Cruz:
"Chiropractic is not something I usually seek out, but I had a crisis and Elizabeth Quinn was recommended by a friend, so I went to her. She dealt with the crisis but also balanced and evened-out my twisted hip and ribs. I've seen her three times as of now, and am delighted and amazed that some issues that have been bothering me for a decade are improving hugely. I will see her until these corrections are stabilized, then get regular occasional maintenance. She is a very nice person, but, even more important, she knows what she is doing and is very effective. This is a great relief and I am very pleased."  September, 2010

Elaine K. of Santa Cruz:
"I was so amazed that Dr Quinn could have such success WITHOUT the use of traditional cracking. I had never heard of activator chiropractors but am now a firm believer. I would highly recommend her gentle, yet very effective, touch."  December, 2010

Nancy O. of Santa Cruz:
"I've been seeing Dr. Quinn for over 4 years, since I moved to Santa Cruz. I'd never experienced activator chiropractic before, and I sooooo prefer it to regular because it's so gentle and effective -- usually one treatment does the trick! Dr. Quinn is patient, a great listener, and totally competent and thorough. I highly recommend her!"  September, 2011

Ruth M. of Castroville:
"Dr. Quinn is just the person you need when you have back pain, discomfort in your back, or have the feeling something is wrong with your posture.She has been my healing person for many years and I trust her completely. She helped me so many times. Now, I visit her to "maintain" my health. She practices Activator, which is a soft, gentle movement to bring the person back in aligement. Highly recommended..."  June, 2011

Dana G. of Santa Cruz:
"I have been to see Elizabeth Quinn twice now. I am extremely pleased with my sessions with her. She was thorough and very sensitive to the needs of my body. I appreciated how she explained her findings and what she was doing to help me as she checked the vertebrae along my spine. I also appreciated her finesse in intensifying and easing up on her adjustment technique for different areas of my spine that have different needs. I found Elizabeth to be very kind and caring and I felt relaxed with her."
 February, 2011

Kayla R. of Santa Cruz:
"Dr. Elizabeth Quinn is an exceptional chiropractor. She really listens to her patients, has a gentle technique using an activator, and always combines cranio sacral work for a full body balancing. I feel comfortable and calm in her office, and always well cared for." December, 2010

Joanne G. of Santa Cruz:
"Elizabeth has been my chiropractor for about 15 years now, keeping my body in alignment. Without her I don't know if I'd be able to continue to do all the activities I love doing. She's helped me with my neck, shoulders, wrists and knees. Before Elizabeth, I was skeptical of chiropractors, often feeling fragile and dizzy after adjustments, but Elizabeth practices non-force activator method which my body responds to perfectly." May, 2011