Monday, July 27, 2020

Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County


  I am proud to be a  Community Partner 
Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation
Whose Mission is to Educate and Mobilize the People of Santa Cruz County
to Protect Their Community, Homes, and Environment from Wildfires 

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to become a Community Partner can help at:

Monday, July 20, 2020

The Helpfulness of Hedgerows

    Throughout millennia, farmers have used linear plantings of trees and shrubs, or “hedgerows,” to create windbreaks to protect their crops. A “bonus” benefit was the plants’ roots holding the soil and protecting against erosion.
Today’s farmers know that these plantings of vegetation among their crop fields have multitudes of other benefits to the farm. 
With the right mix of plants, including flowering ones, hedgerows attract beneficial insects that prey on crop pests. They also serve to suppress weeds, because over time they out-compete the weed “seed bank,” and help keep out wind-blown weed seeds.
Hedgerows can be of linear, or other configurations, and can also include grasses and herbs. The root systems improve water quality by acting as filters to catch sediment and filter surface water before it drains into aquatic habitats such as ponds, creeks, or rivers.
Hedgerows create a sheltering habitat for wildlife, such as birds that feed on crop insect pests, and pollinators which fertilize crops.
California native plant hedgerows are said to be easy to establish, and once mature, are drought-tolerant.


Monday, July 13, 2020

Mysterious Shoulder Pain

 There are times when pain in the shoulder may not be due to a local problem in the shoulder, but may be originating somewhere else. To ease the pain, its specific origin must be determined.
Often a patient presents with an unimpeded range of motion, no soreness or tenderness to palpation of the shoulder, and no history of injury or stress to the involved shoulder. Yet the pain is unrelenting; the patient is unable to get relief by changing position or posture.
With this scenario---no signs of local trouble in the shoulder---my attention goes to the neck, where impingement of the nerves going into the shoulder region can cause “referred” pain. Referred pain shows up in one place, but its actual cause is somewhere else. 
My treatment for this kind of shoulder pain includes precisely clearing misalignments in the cervical vertebrae, appropriate neck stretches, and postural counseling. 
        Often a better cervical pillow is also key to lasting relief.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Excessive Extension in the Low Back

 The normal curve in our low back is an “extension,” or forward-facing curve.
In some people, this curve is abnormally pronounced, which can be due to chronic locking back the knees when standing, or the accentuated curve may be part of the congenital anatomy of the low back.
This excessive extension can cause chronic low back discomfort, partly due to posterior compression between the lumbar vertebrae and / or compression between L5 and the sacrum.
My treatment plan for these patients includes precise, gentle adjustments to the spine and pelvis with the Activator instrument, accompanied by exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, specific stretches, activities of daily living (ADL) advice, and postural counseling.