Monday, November 25, 2019

Magnificent Magnesium

          Magnesium is important to our health in multiple ways. It is required for functioning of over 300 enzyme systems, important for efficient energy production in our cells, and for heart health and cognition.
It is involved in the metabolism and activation of other nutrients, including Vit. D.
There is a link between magnesium and Type II diabetes; magnesium helps regulate blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity. Studies show that magnesium deficiency may be linked to an increased risk for diabetes.
Magnesium-rich foods include leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, avocados, and legumes.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Medicare Patients Welcome!

 If you have Medicare, you are welcome in my office---I enjoy serving Medicare patients in my practice. My low-force Activator Method is especially suitable for elders because it is gentle, comfortable, and safe.
My specialty is low-force, full-body balancing, and my adjustments are comfortable and gentle. My goal is to help you feel better, recover full functioning, and resume the activities that you enjoy.

Monday, November 11, 2019

"Just" a Head Bump?

      Bumping your head can be more than just an embarrassment or a temporary discomfort.  It can disturb the cranial rhythms, possibly setting you up for future headaches. 
      The cranial rhythms are subtle movement patterns of the cranial bones. These rhythms aren't synchronized with our pulse or respiration. They are related to the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes our brain and our spinal cord.
     Disturbance of these movement patterns is frequently associated with headaches, and sometimes with vertigo.
     Balancing the cranial rhythms and restoring them to normal is part of every full-body treatment that I do. If you bump your head, or if you suffer from headaches, I will be happy to help.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Fire Safe Santa Cruz County


    I am proud to be a  Community Partner 
Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation
Whose Mission is to Educate and Mobilize the People of Santa Cruz County
to Protect Their Community, Homes, and Environment from Wildfires 

Learn how your tax deductible contribution to 
become a Community Partner can help at: