Monday, November 26, 2018


      Retrolisthesis is a slippage backwards of one vertebra along its neighboring disc above or below. It is most common in the lumbar (low back) or neck regions.
     Often this is part of a general degenerative process in the spine, sometimes associated with aging, or it may be a sequela of injury.
     The condition often causes pain at the site, and may also cause radicular symptoms down the leg(s), such as pain or paresthesias (e.g. numbness, tingling).
     Chiropractic management in my office includes careful, gentle adjusting with the Activator instrument, exercises to strengthen the low back and abdominal muscles, and nutritional counseling for supporting a healthy body.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Toxic Oils

     "Designer oils" such as rice bran oil and grapeseed oil, often promoted as "healthy," are, in fact, highly toxic. Here's why: these oils are highly PROCESSED.
     Also beware canola oil, which is popularly touted as a healthy oil. It is also in the HIGHLY PROCESSED category. 
     Processing is necessary to extract the oil from rapeseed (canola), rice bran, and grape seeds, and may include extraction with heat and solvents, as well as chemical bleaching, degumming, and deodorizing
     Because the raw oils have monounsaturated and polyunsatured components, when exposed to heat, they readily oxidize. Oxidized oils are toxic and highly inflammatory.
     Avoid these oils, and use extra virgin olive oil (the highest grade olive oil, extracted with cold pressing without the use of solvents) instead.   

Monday, November 12, 2018

Sinus Congestion

Congestion in the sinuses can often be alleviated by balancing the cranial rhythms. This gentle balancing is something I include with every treatment in my office.
     The rhythms of the bones in the head are very subtle, and are related to the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid. Correcting aberrances in these rhythms can relieve headaches, sinus congestion, or vertigo. 
     I also have an effective direct adjustment for the sinuses with my Activator instrument. The adjustment is gentle, and is often followed by immediate sinus drainage. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Side Sleeping

        Patients often ask if they must sleep on their backs, for the sake of their necks, even though they are more comfortable on their sides. The answer is a qualified “No.”
It depends on the pillow you use under your head and neck.  A pillow that adequately supports your cervical curve and maintains your spine in proper alignment is essential for healthy side sleeping.
I recommend an orthopedically designed pillow. I am a side sleeper, and this is what I use. I have orthopedic pillows in my office for my patients, and although the particular configuration may not be comfortable for a small percentage of patients, it works beautifully for most.
Side sleeping is OK if you have the right pillow.