Monday, May 4, 2020

What Causes Scoliosis?

 Abnormal lateral spinal curves, called scoliosis, develop for reasons that are largely unknown. Although there are various theories, about 80% of scoliosis is considered idiopathic---of unknown cause. 
Statistically, about 4 adolescent girls in 1000 may develop it, and about 1 in 2500 boys. Roughly 2% of the adult population has some degree of it.
Schools offer scoliosis screening for good reason; the earlier it is detected and addressed, the better chance that conservative care can be effective. 
My treatment plan, the earlier began the better, includes precise Chiropractic balancing of the entire frame, accompanied by specific exercises. 
Special attention must be given to the pelvis, which is the biomechanical foundation for the spine. An unlevel pelvis must be corrected and monitored, because it results in an unstable foundation for the spine.