Monday, May 11, 2020

Farmers Markets Are Open

  Our local Farmers’ Markets, offering the freshest possible, nutrient-rich produce, are open during COVID-19. 
Deemed “essential,” there are markets open on Sunday in Live Oak, Saturday in Westside Santa Cruz and at Cabrillo, Wednesday downtown Santa Cruz, and Tuesday in Felton.
Farmstands, such as Everett Family Farm on Old San Jose Road and Natural Bridges Farm at the Homeless Garden in westside Santa Cruz, are also open. All offer organic vegetables, and some fruits, in season.
Produce at these local Farmers’ Markets is fresh-out-of-the-ground, and as loaded with nutrient power as you can get. As well as a key way to support our general health and immune systems, buying our produce at Farmers’ Markets provides needed support to our local farmers.
       Check websites for current hours.