Monday, November 28, 2016

VITAMIN K2---Essential For Our Bones

Vitamin K has long been understood to be associated with the ability of blood to clot, but we now know there is a special form of Vitamin K which is essential for healthy bone density. The K associated with blood clotting is now called Vitamin K1, while Vitamin K2 is the kind needed for bone health.

Many of us have been supplementing absorbable forms of calcium, in combination with magnesium, to help keep our bones strong. However, research shows that unless we also have Vitamin K2, calcium may not be targeted into our bones, but instead may end up in our arteries, where it isn’t needed, and causes trouble, including arterial plaques and atherosclerosis.

Vitamin K2 isn’t that easy to get in our diet. Curd cheeses provide some, but only small amounts. A Japanese food product called natto is rich in K2, but is unpalatable to most Americans.

Supplementing with K2, preferably the MK7 form, which is from natural food sources, usually natto, is a good solution. The MK4 form is synthetic.