Monday, September 28, 2020

Could It Be My Pillow??

   No, not the My Pillow advertised an infinitum on TV---I seriously doubt those provide proper and adequate support for the cervical spine.
If you aren’t sleeping on a proper pillow, one that correctly supports the curve of the neck, this may be the reason you have persistent neck and upper back pain.
When the pillow you sleep on allows your head to tilt downward toward the mattress, or pushes your head upward at an angle, it is not serving you. Your neck should be parallel with your mattress when you are lying on your side, and if on your back, your head should not be angled abnormally up or down.
The right pillow gives consistent, resistive support to the spine throughout the night.
It doesn’t compress, as does a pillow filled with down or feathers. 
It doesn’t deform, as a buckwheat pillow will.
It doesn’t squash down where your head and neck press on it, creating a depression that discourages movement during the night, as a memory foam pillow does.
Look for an orthopedically-designed pillow, such as the one I sleep on----I have them available in my office for patients.