Monday, September 3, 2018

The Fabulous Fibula

There are two bones in the lower leg, the larger, heavier tibia and the smaller fibula, which is a long, slender bone parallel to the tibia, and on the outside of our leg. Ligaments connect the top of the fibula to the upper tibia just below the knee. The lower end of the fibula forms the “bump” on the outside of our ankle.
     Although the fibula minimally participates in weight-bearing, it provides attachment points for muscles and ligaments.  Between the tibia & the fibula is connecting tissue called the “interosseous membrane.”
What does this “extra” little bone do, besides hold onto muscles & ligaments? Quite interestingly, it is integrally involved in the biomechanics of the lower extremity and in the gait cycle. In my practice, I often find the upper and / or lower parts of the fibula misaligned, causing pain when sitting or walking. Precise adjustments with the Activator instrument correct the problem & bring relief.