Monday, September 17, 2018

How Long, How Often?

Patients who come into my office usually want to know:  "How often do I have to come in, and for how long?" 
In my chiropractic practice, each patient's Treatment Plan is tailored to the individual. I have no set formulas or requirements. Some patients come in for their initial treatment and their follow-up visit, and they're done. Some people need more. 
Each person’s course of treatment depends on what their problem is, their general state of health & whether they take good care of themselves, whether they have a heathy diet, whether they've been injured, their lifestyle and what they do physically with their bodies, etc. 
My goal is to help bring each patient relief from pain and restore them to normal functioning.  As soon as they are sufficiently improved and able to continue healing on their own, I release them from active care.
        I am always available to support them, should they need me again.