Monday, August 13, 2018

Consequences of Whiplash

Among the common sequelae of an acceleration / deceleration injury (whiplash), including pain, are a feeling of weakness in the neck, temporary loss of the cervical curve, and development of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS).
These may not be immediately noticeable, but may appear slowly following the injury.
A feeling of weakness after this trauma is normal, and often the patient is given a foam neck brace, which helps support the head and relieve the cervical muscles.
Loss or straightening of the normal, forward-facing, cervical curve commonly appears on lateral X-ray, and may persist over months or even years. Proper rehabilitation, including chiropractic adjustments, can help restore the curve.
Numbness or tingling or pain down the arms or hands may develop after this trauma as the nerves exiting the spine in the cervical region become impinged between cervical muscles or in passage under the collarbone. This is called thoracic outlet syndrome. Resolution of TOS can take time, but is assisted by precise chiropractic adjustments, proper stretches, postural corrections, and focused soft tissue therapy.