Monday, August 7, 2017

Nerve Energy---What Is It?

Nerve energy is electrical energy, and it travels along our nerves by a process of chemical ion exchange. 
These electrical impulses transmit information in from the periphery to the brain, and out from the brain to all parts of the body. Information in includes the sensory system, for example the sensing of heat or cold, pressure or pain. Information out from the brain includes the motor system, commanding our muscles to move or act. 
Our nerves are like conduits along which electricity travels. Damage to a nerve interrupts the successful transmission of the electrical impulses of life. If a nerve is severed, transmission is blocked. If a nerve is impinged---not severed but interfered with in some way--- impulses are hampered, incomplete, altered, or inefficient. Examples of this are numbness, tingling, hypo- or hyper- sensitivity, or pain.
Nerve impingement might be pressure on, abrasion of, or stretching of a nerve. 
       As an Advanced Proficiency Activator Chiropractor, part of my job is to support the functioning of the nerve system by gently and precisely relieving nerve impingement.