Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Could It Be Shingles?  Back pain or headache that is severe, often "burning" or "searing," that doesn't get better with chiropractic treatment or good home care may, unfortunately, turn out to be shingles. If you've had chicken pox, you are vulnerable to getting shingles. The virus from chicken pox sequesters in the nerve ganglia alongside your spine, where it stays with you for life. Stress, getting overheated (hyperthermia), and ingestion of foods containing a high arginine / low lysine ratio (peanuts, chocolate, etc.) can stimulate an outbreak of the virus. This is shingles. The pain presents along a dermatome, the section of skin supplied with feeling by a spinal nerve. It may run in a line from your spine across & under your arm, or across part of the head or face. Soon, painful blisters appear along the pain line. See your M.D. or Doctor of Chiropractic if you think this is happening to you.