Monday, August 12, 2019

Yes--Medicare Covers Chiropractic!

  Attention Seniors:  Medicare covers Chiropractic. Although it only pays for spine care (not extremities), Medicare does reimburse for Chiropractic care.
Medicare patients are welcome in my practice. My focused Chiropractic care is excellent support for seniors’ health, wellness and vitality, and a solution to pain and discomfort. My Activator Chiropractic method is low-force and gentle; my goal is to help you feel better and recover fullness of activity and function.
  I am happy to discuss how this works, always pleased to help seniors, and to report to Medicare about my senior patients’ diagnoses and treatment.

Monday, August 5, 2019

One Hip Higher

  Patients frequently tell me that one of their hips feels “higher” than the other, or that someone has told them that one hip looks higher. They are usually, but not always, having discomfort in their pelvis or low back.
The person’s perception is exactly right---one hip IS higher in the most common pattern of pelvic distortion. 
This distortion pattern consists of one side of the pelvis, the ilium, being posterior-inferior, and the opposite ilium being anterior-superior. It’s as if the pelvis becomes twisted. The anterior-superior side is the side of the “higher hip.”
Distortion of this kind puts undue stress on the sacrioiliac ligaments, results in an unlevel pelvis, often affects the sacrum, and can cause spasms in the gluteal muscles, resulting in pain, and sometimes gait disturbances.
Checking and balancing the pelvis is a critical part of my care for every patient, because a balanced pelvis creates a stable foundation for the spine. I check the pelvis whether or not the patient is having discomfort, gently and comfortably correcting any distortion.