Monday, May 15, 2017

An Unlevel Pelvis

     Our pelvis is the bio-mechanical foundation for our entire body. Its stability (or instability) affects everything above and everything below.
     Disturbances to the pelvis, aka the "pelvic girdle," can cause the pelvis to become unlevel.  
     An example is when your pelvis becomes distorted, or out of proper alignment. One or more of the component bones may become slightly twisted, or stressed abnormally in a superior or inferior direction. Pelvic ligaments may be affected by abnormal stresses due to joint misalignments. Any or all of these may cause pain. 
    A distorted, unlevel pelvis makes an unstable foundation for your spine. Uncomfortable, this may lead to problems above, in your neck or shoulders. An unlevel pelvis may also have consequences downward, into the lower extremities. 
     As an Activator Chiropractor, I correct and balance an unlevel pelvis as part of every gentle, comfortable full-body balancing.