Monday, January 23, 2017

Using FOOD to Reduce Inflammation

Many things in the standard American diet (SAD) stimulate inflammation in the body. Avoiding these foods or food components can be an effective way to reduce inflammation in our joints and throughout our bodies. Here are some of the main “culprits:”
SUGAR in any form, including honey.
DAMAGED (oxidized or chemically altered) FATS & OILS including hydrogenated oils, which have trans fats (found in margarine, shortening, & many packaged or processed foods such as pastries, cookies, and chips). Damaged oils include vegetable (soy, corn, sesame, etc.) or nut oils, (except coconut) which oxidize at room temperature. Exposure to heat (even cooking at low temperatures) causes accelerated oxidation. Oxidized oils are highly inflammatory.
GRILLED FOODS and foods cooked at high temperatures or “blackened.”
WHEAT products, including white, whole wheat,&  sourdough breads, pasta, cereal, pretzels, crackers, or any product made with wheat flour, which includes most desserts and packaged snacks. Exception is any food made with heirloom wheat, which has not been hybridized.
Diet high in MEATS, which contain inflammation-promoting prostaglandins. Use healthy meats in moderation.