Monday, April 17, 2017

Over-The-Counter Orthotics

Patients who have fallen arches or who pronate need to support their feet with orthotics, not just for comfort, but also because these conditions in the feet reverberate up into the knees, hips, and pelvis and cause problems. Some may need prescription orthotics, but many people will find over-the-counter orthotics can do the job.
I commonly recommend a patient try one of two types that they can buy “off the rack.” One is softer, made of foam, with a mild arch support, that is easy to get used to. The other is a harder, molded orthotic appropriate for people who need more support. Either should be appropriately fitted by a staff person at the store who knows how to size them.
It’s not a bad idea to start with an over-the-counter orthotics and see if they will be sufficient. Certainly they are kinder on the patient’s wallet. If it turns out more fine-tuned or specialized support is needed, prescription orthotics are the next step.